Starting today I’ll be posting in english from time to time. Especially for photo captions and comments on link posts that direct to english articles. That’s not completely new on here and even after changing the software behind this blog a couple of times and removing some articles on the way there are still a few english entries that survived. Like this one with the most memorable email I’ve ever received.
With older attempts to blogging I tried switching completely. Unfortunately I’ve learned the hard way that I miss writing in German from time to time especially if I need to hit the right linguistic nuances. In other cases there could be one language that fits the content better or I just feel like writing in it.

Other times I might want to reach the broadest audience possible or one very particular group of people. So there probably won’t be any system to it. I like to hone my written English a bit as well. So in case you spot an error feel free to point it out to me. That extends to German, too.

Since this is my private blog I figured I can do whatever I want and you have to deal with it.